DPSS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DPSS strongly believes our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is integral to our ability to ensure a safe and secure campus. We are safer when we work together and we are more secure when we gain an enriched appreciation of each other. Our dedication to creating an environment where our community feels welcomed and safe is inseparable from our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion.

DPSS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Team Leads:

  • Stacy Moore and Marlanna Landeros, DPSS Administrative Services

Planning Group Members:

  • Antonio James, Communications and Technology
  • Nanette Push, University Security Services
  • Maurice Townsel, Housing Security
  • Michael Kennedy, Emergency Management
  • Maureen Burke, Police Department
  • Sharice Harrison, Health System Security
  • Teresa Oesterle, DPSS Administrative Services
  • Erik Mattila, Health System Security
  • Scott Cook, Communications and Technology