Building Response Information Electronic File System (BRIEFS)

Several Facilities and Operations departments maintain information databases that warehouse details such as contact information for facilities managers, shutdown notification lists, key plans for buildings and structures, utility connections, hazardous materials locations and more. These databases often contain some duplicative or contradictory data, the various systems do not “speak” to one another and the information often is not accessible to emergency responders. To address this gap, a new project – Building Response Information Electronic File System (BRIEFS) was launched in 2010.

BRIEFS was initially a Facilities and Operations-initiated and -driven project that provides effective sharing of key building, structure, grounds and contact data among pertinent units as a commonly accessible view. BRIEFS is now maintained by the Division of Public Safety and Security. BRIEFS provides links to various databases so emergency responders can be provided current, accurate, helpful information when responding to a variety of emergencies.


  • Provide emergency responders with reliable information when dispatched to a University location
  • View comprehensive organized information in a manner that will expedite an emergency response and decrease delays by having necessary information available to those who need it, including 911 Dispatch and emergency first responders
  • Eliminate redundant database systems
  • Increase University emergency preparedness
  • House contact information for multiple departments in a central source (Shutdown Database)

How is BRIEFS different than BIRT?

BRIEFS is the data, BIRT (Building Incident Response Team) is the people. We expect the BIRT roll-out (complete with building-by-building training) will begin in the coming months. The BRIEFS information will be an important support tool for the BIRT project.

Building Emergency Response Contact

U-M 911 Communications Center contacts the Building Emergency Response Contact (BERC) listed on the BRIEFS building page 24/7 for building emergencies. Emergencies can be anything from a burst water pipe to a fire and everything in between.

The goal is to have three Building Emergency Response Contacts for each building. The U-M 911 Communications Center will call the Building Emergency Response Contacts in order until they personally speak to someone. If the U-M 911 Communications Center reaches the primary contact, they will not contact the secondary or other. It is the responsibility of the Building Emergency Response Contact to evaluate the nature of the incident and determine if additional personnel need to be notified.

Report any changes in your facility’s building emergency response contacts for the Division of Public Safety and Security’s BRIEFS program