Emergency Signage Standard

The University of Michigan has a campus standard for emergency emergency poster signage. Buildings are not required to have emergency signage. However, if they decide to have emergency signage, the signage shall conform to this standard. Emergency signage is not intended for general way finding purposes. A separate map or digital signage should be provided to assist with way finding. Emergency signage is not centrally, and each unit must have dedicated funding for their project.


  1. Decide you want new signage
    • Funding allocated (short code)
    • Need facility point person
    • Contact DPSS - Emergency Management
  2. DPSS - Emergency Management
    • Provides key plans
    • Contacts Fire Safety Displays
  3. Fire Safety Displays does walk through and creates draft signs in PDF for review
  4. Signs and locations sent to facility point person, Emergency Management, and OSEH Fire Safety Services for review
  5. Signs mounted

Contract Pricing

U-M Procurement Contract 5000011363

Fire Safety Displays

  • $180.00 per sign
    • Frames: $45.00 each (any quantity)
    • Installation of Frames: $10.00 each (any quantity)
    • Custom Display Inserts: $125.00 each (any quantity)

Click [here] for the Emergency Signage Standard.