2008 Lindberg Bell Award

The University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers Security and Entrance Services earned this year’s Lindberg Bell Award from the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety.

The award is given to a facility that has demonstrated an outstanding health care security and/or safety program. The IAHSS awards committee looks for, among other variables, a program that is balanced, comprehensive, progressive, results-oriented and cost-effective.

“Thanks to everyone’s commitment to go the extra mile, we have won this award, and for the next year can call ourselves the No. 1 health care security program in the country,” said Director of Hospital and Security Services Marilyn Hollier.

Director Hollier, along with representatives from all the department’s specialties, accepted the Lindberg Bell Award at the 2008 IAHSS Annual General Meeting on July 1, 2008, in Vancouver, British Columbia.