Special Victims Unit's Sexual Assault Response Commitment

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, the University of Michigan Police Department (UMPD) recognizes that reporting can be difficult. We want to ensure that survivors are treated with respect, sensitivity and understanding.

Our Commitment
Be supportive and not prejudge because we Start by Believing
Meet with you privately at a place of your choice—reporting to the police does not mean you must prosecute
Uphold state law concerning medical amnesty by never pursuing alcohol or drug charges against survivors
Help you obtain medical treatment and/or a free sexual assault evidence kit
Connect you with: advocate support, confidential counseling, safety planning and other resources throughout the investigation
Treat you and your individual case with dignity, courtesy and professionalism
Do our best to accommodate your request to meet with a female or male officer
Handle your case with discretion and not release your name to the public or media—your parent or guardian will not be notified unless you are 17 or younger
Conduct a thorough investigation regardless of the age, race, gender or sexual orientation of the survivor or suspect
Assist you through the process—you will be kept informed of the progress of any investigation or court proceedings
If we fail to achieve any part of the above commitment, please call the UMPD Chief at (734) 763-3434. The Chief will meet with you personally to address your concerns.