University Security Services

The Division of Public Safety and Security University Security Services coordinate the special events, infrastructure protection, museum security, North Campus Research Complex across the Division as well as resources for the University community. Below is a description of services and resources for the community.

Special Events

The Special Events Unit coordinates and assists with planning for any special event on campus that involves our Division resources. Special events are defined as those events held on university property and/or in university facilities where a concern for the protection of participants and/or property exists. Determination is made on a request by request basis. Special events may be anything from a major sporting event to a controversial speaker visit.

Contact the Special Events Unit at (734) 763-8391 or via email at

Infrastructure Protection

Infrastructure Protection conducts and facilitates physical security and threat assessments to help workspace owners and operators understand and address risks to their environment. The office provides comprehensive reports that outline issues as well as recommendations on how to create a solution to known or discovered issues. Our Key Services are below:

  • Comprehensive Security Risk and Threat Assessments

We will conduct onsite visits and detailed walkthroughs of your facility, identifying your facility's current security level and specific security risks unique to your facility and the services it provides. In the end we will provide recommendations to increase the current security level, fill in gaps where security is lacking, and/or improve or upgrade existing security measures, with the overall goal of reducing the facilities vulnerability to crime and other security risks.

  • Safety and Security Consultation

Have a specific safety or security concern/problem and don't need a full assessment. Our prevention experts are here to help problem solve any issue or concern.

  • Security System Construction and Design Consultation

Our CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) experts can help you design your new facility or renovation with security in mind from the ground up. Avoid problems and costly renovations by having security incorporated into the design phase.

* Building design and architectural review

* Security Cameras

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* Access control

* Duress alarms

* Intrusion alarms

  • Event/Situational Awareness Briefings

For key events and situations, Infrastructure Protection provides information on emerging threats and hazards so that organizers and planners can take appropriate actions to remove, reduce, or mitigate any risks BEFORE then event takes place.

For more information or to set up a consultation, send the following in an email and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. [This should not be used to report a crime. To file a police report please contact UMPD at 734-763-1131 to report an emergency please call 911]

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Contact the Infrastructure Protection Unit at (734) 763-8391 or via email at

Museum Security

Museum Security Officers are responsible for the overall safety and security of the museums. Through vigilant patrols, the officers proactively deter threats to the patrons, staff and collections, while providing superior customer service.

North Campus Research Complex (NCRC)

Our dedicated staff supports NCRC’s mission to provide an opportunity for the University to broaden its contributions as one of the nation's premier research universities and strengthen its ability to stimulate new business through partnerships with businesses in the private sector.