DPSS Data Access -- Calls for Service

The data for calls for service (or CFS) is listed below. The current data format is a comma delimited file, or CSV file. Data is available from 2001 through today and is updated weekly. Please contact us for access to the dataset. We are anticipating direct electronic access in early 2014.

CFS Data

  version 1.0--January 2014
Element Name Type Notes
call_number Number Unique number, sequentially issued for each call
entry_date Date/Time Date and time call was entered into computer
call_descripton Text Call type or classification, such as, "Found Property" or "Fire Alarm"
category Text Generalized type of call, such as, "Maintenance Request", "Alarm Response"
location_name Text Description of the location of the call, such as, "Mason Hall"
address Text Street address, if available, of the call
disposition Text Indicates how call was handled, such as, "Report Taken" or "Unable to Locate"

CFS data can be provided in a raw table format, or summarized.

NOTE: Data is provided "as is" and for educational purposes only. The data provided contains no personally identifiable information and may not be a complete record of an incident or incidents. Data is subject to be revised at any time without notice and should not be provided to third parties.

Road Map

The information DPSS makes available will be constantly updated in both data elements, timeliness, and delivery format. Examples of future improvements:

  • Additional data fields (response times, narrative descriptions)
  • Geocoded (x,y coordinates) of locations
  • Real-time access
  • More formats (JSON, HTML, Exel, PDF)

Please contact us [dpss-technoloy-management@umich.edu] with suggestions and improvements we can make.