Security Camera Operator Training

Security camera system operators must be trained and supervised in the responsible and effective use of security camera systems and technology, including the technical, legal, and ethical parameters of such use. Staff deemed to be Camera Operators can comply with the SPG training requirement by reviewing the presentation below as well as University Clery Training.

Step 1:

Camera operators should review the following additional applicable SPGs:

Step 2:

Many U-M staff and some faculty are considered Campus Security Authorities (CSA) by the Clery Act. As operators of a security camera system, your role will have reporting obligations if criminal activity is observed while reviewing security video.

Clery training is available through the university's MyLinc site available here: MyLINC.

Step 3:

If you have Google Chrome, the Proper Use of Security Cameras training will display below. If you have trouble viewing the training, a PDF version is available here.

Step 4:

Complete the Operator Code of Conduct form and send it to
or through campus mail:

University of Michigan
Division of Public Safety and Security
109 E. Madison St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2993