New U-M "Safe Exchange Zone" aims to keep community members safe during on-line sales transactions

Safe Exchange Zone logo.
The increase of online sales and trading unfortunately has been accompanied by a dark side. Although rare, armed robberies and violent incidents have occurred during the exchange of online transactions.

While the overwhelming majority of online transactions occur without incident, the Division of Public Safety and Security is committed to providing a secure environment for U-M community members and recently established a "Safe Exchange Zone."

The Safe Exchange Zone is an area where you can safely meet and complete online transactions, located within and in close proximity to the U-M Police Department to ensure your security in the case of an emergency. Officer presence and video recording will help prevent crimes and any other unintended consequences of your transaction.

Julia Federson, an administrator of the "Ladies of UofM: Buy, Sell, Trade" Facebook group, sees the value of the Safe Exchange Zone in advocating for community members' well-being. "We have regulations in place to promote safe and fair exchanges, but currently we can only encourage members to be safe and smart and meet in a public setting," she said. "The Safe Exchange Zone could be a positive first step in a providing a centralized meeting location for members of the group, one that can actually be actively promoted."

You can find the Safe Exchange Zone in the front lobby of the U-M Police Department located within the Campus Safety Services Building and the adjacent parking lot SC16 (east of Crisler Center). The Safe Exchange Zone, open to the public, is designated by signs and will be well-lit at all hours of the day. Here you can trade legal items, including internet sales, or conduct child custody exchanges in a safe atmosphere promoted by our police-protected and camera-monitored environment.

Location and Hours:

Campus Safety Services Building
1239 Kipke Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

  • Building open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., closed on holidays
  • Parking lot SC16 open 24 hours a day including holidays, closed during U-M home football games

Please be aware that police will not be screening transactions, but are available if an emergency arises.
All trades conducted in the Safe Exchange Zone are monitored by video recordings.

If at any time you feel unsafe or need police assistance, dial 911 or contact police using the intercom in the red emergency phone box located at the front door of the Campus Safety Services Building.

Note that weapons are not permitted on U-M property. The trade or sale of the following items is prohibited in the Safe Exchange Zone:

  • Guns or any other weapons
  • Hazardous materials and explosives
  • Illegal drugs or narcotics
Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to an arrest.

In addition to using the Safe Exchange Zone, keep in mind these tips when conducting internet exchanges:

  • Meet in the Safe Exchange Zone or other neutral, populated and well-lit areas
  • Do not disclose unnecessary personal details and avoid meeting at your home
  • When possible, bring a friend to accompany you during the transaction
  • Beware of vague or "too good to be true" offers
  • Call 911 if you feel unsafe or see something suspicious

Questions about The Safe Exchange Zone? E-mail us at or call us at (734) 763-3434.