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Michigan Medicine presentation Team Preventing Harm Against Persons is the highest priority of the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS).

DPSS Michigan Medicine Security (MMS) provides many trainings and presentations to help keep Michigan Medicine staff safe in their workplace, when traveling, and at home. We work hard to build trust with our community and develop trainings that are engaging, relevant, and directly applicable to the participant's workplace.

Situational Awareness for Violent Events (SAVE)

Situational Awareness for Violent Events (SAVE) training is an innovative program developed by Michigan Medicine Security to prepare and empower staff to take control of their safety. Through both classroom and scenario-based training, participants will learn best practices for handling aggressive behaviors and responding to an active attacker situation.
3 Hours

Early Intervention and Personal Safety Strategies

This training emphasizes situational awareness so you can spot and avoid potential trouble, recognize escalating behaviors, and use techniques for safely intervening and responding when a person is posing a risk.
1 Hour

Situational Awarenss for Emergency Responders (SAFER)

SAFER is an exciting new training customized specifically for the requesting unit. MMS partners with unit leadership to analyze the risks and recent security incidents that have affected the unit, and develop the training accordingly. The training involves studying video footage of actual hospital incidents, learning to recognize escalating behaviors, and how to stay safe when somebody becomes aggressive. SAFER is intended for large groups (like entire units or departments), broken down into multiple sessions with 15-25 participants in order to reach everyone in the group. SAFER requests must come from unit leadership.
2-4 hours, based on content

Situational Awareness and Personal Safety

This one-hour training can be delivered in person or virtually to a group of any size. This training is designed to develop situational awareness skills to keep you safe before, during, and after work. You will learn tips on identifying what is going on around you, understanding baseline observations, and identifying anomalies to make you more alert and able to quickly make informed decisions for your safety.
1 hour

Rapid Environmental Assessment & Control Tactics (REACT)

REACT training is among the first of its kind. We designed REACT for home healthcare clinicians, to help them stay safe when they're out in the community and visiting people in their homes. In live-action scenarios with role-players, participants practice safely approaching homes, meeting unfamiliar patients in unfamiliar surroundings, identifying potential problems, and developing a quick and safe exit strategy. REACT is intended for large groups, broken down into multiple sessions with 15-25 participants in order to reach everyone in the group.
2-4 hours, based on content


Chances are you'll never face an active attacker situation. However if you do, you need to be prepared. This presentation aims to educate our community on how to respond and prevent an active attacker incident. MMS instructors will give an overview of the RUN, HIDE, and FIGHT response, as well as the critical thinking involved in choosing a decision that is right for you.
NOTE: This presentation is also part of SAVE.
1 Hour

See Something, Say Something™

Our nation was irrevocably impacted by the catastrophic events on Sept 11, 2001. From this tragic event, the “See Something, Say Something,” campaign was created. This presentation increases each participant’s ability to identify and report concerning or suspicious behaviors. Learn how we can all work together towards keeping ourselves, our environment, and our nation safe.
1 Hour

Empowerment Self-Defense

Our self-defense workshop takes a holistic approach to self-protection, emphasizing awareness and assertiveness skills as well as physical and verbal strategies to counter violence. The goal is to leave you better equipped to deal with everything from harassment to potentially violent people to sexual assault. Participants will take part in verbal exercises, physical drills and discussion.
90 Minutes

Sexual Harassment Awareness

A presentation on setting limits and how to report unwanted and harassing behaviors.
30 Minutes

About the Division of Public Safety and Security
and Michigan Medicine Security

A presentation, discussion, and question and answer session on the services DPSS provides.
30 Minutes